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Gunhunter Photos

from Upshur or Cass county, Texas

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Pittsburg resident Todd Newman took this wide racked 7 point buck with rifle in Cass county, Texas on Nov.1,2003. Pictured with his 7 year old son Kason.
Hallsville resident Billy Hunt took this fantastic 11 point buck with rifle on opening morning 11/01/2003 in Upshur county, Texas.
Longview resident Chris Gilley took this fantastic 10 point buck with a .300 Savage rifle on 11/09/2003 in Cass county, Texas. The buck weighed 170 lbs live.
Ore City resident Billy Marburger took this tagged mallard hen and buck in Cass county near Avinger.
Winona resident JR Sheridan took this great 8 pt buck near Gilmer with rifle on 11-11-2006.
Beaumont resident Brian Bearden took this 18-1/4" 8 point hunting north of Gilmer on 11-20-2006 with rifle. The deer scored 123+ green.
Jerry Lorance of New Boston took this boss hoss 7 point with his rifle in Cass County, Texas on 01-02-2007.
Ore City resident Michelle Carmichael took this nice 8 point with a 22-250 at 15 steps. Michelle was hunting in a ground blind set up over a fresh scrape when the buck appeared following a doe. The buck was taken in Cass county, Texas.
Atlanta resident Paul Turbeville took this grown 10 point in Cass county, Texas on November 6, 2007
Chris Bergt of Atlanta shot this 23 5/8" wide 8pt on the day before Thanksgiving, 2006 with a .300 win. mag. about 5 miles north of Atlanta, TX. Chris' son Nicholas also took a great buck that is featured in the youth section.
Chris Bergt of Atlanta shot this 10pt in Cass county, Texas early season 2007. He was 17 1/2" inside with 4 1/2" bases. Chris made a 10 yard shot in a thicket with a .300 win mag. The buck grossed 135 7/8". the buck was missing an ear. Even though he was a good buck, he was not the one Chris was after. Chris says "I guess there is always next year".
Longview resident Ricky Oney took this grown 9 point in Cass county, Texas on December 19, 2007 near Linden Texas.
Hallsville resident Joey Mars took this 19-1/4" 8 point trophy buck in Cass county, Texas at 7 a.m. on January 5, 2008. Joey was shooting a .270 Remington 700. I bet this one is headed for the wall!
David Connor of Hughes Springs, Texas took this double banded greenhead mallard on January 4, 2009 in Cass County, Texas. Pretty long odds there David!