TideWe Rain Boots for Kids and Toddlers, Rubber Rain Boots for Girls


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KNOW WHTA A CHILD LOVES – We created a bunch of wonderful pattern designs for them to multi-hue the spectrum of your little one’s childhood with joys, colors and imaginations. You will definitely find a perfect one from various patterns originally designed by TideWe, for we know deeply what boys and girls love.USER-FRIENDLY & COMFORTABLE – We know moms and dads are busy and we want to help! Our design helps ensure ease of use for young kids. With the reinforced handle design young kids can easily slide their boots on and off, without trouble. Our design also offers a comfy and warm inside so your little one can play all day- no more complaints of sore heals.DURABLE & 100% WATERPROOF – Our kids rain boots are made with Ultra Flex Technology (UFT), the natural feeling rubber boasts incredible flexibility. We paired the UFT with an aggressive tread design so boys and girls can can play without the added worry of slips and falls. TideWe children rain boots have been tested to handle more than 120 hours of childhood fun without concerns.EASY CLEANING & CARE – TideWe Kids Rubber Rain Boots with easy-on handles are a snap when it comes to cleaning and care. Their durable material only needs to be sprayed off in order to clean them, so these rain boots are quick and easy to care for. The minimal care required with these TideWe Children Rubber Rain Boots means you can spend more time with your kids instead of cleaning up after them.QUALITY GUARANTEE – To ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck, TideWe stands behind our products. Every pair of TideWe kids rain boots are Quality Guaranteed for 6 months, should you have any concerns please let us know and we will take care of you.